Our Guiding Principles

Mother lifting her daughter at the ship's railing.

The Company

Combining tradition and modernity. Delighting customers.


„We believe that distances over water should not be a reason not to get together and discover new things.“ – Götz Becker (CEO)


We are more than a shipping company.

We enable people to meet each other, travel, share their experiences and discover new horizons every day and around the world. We make customers feel at home whilst traveling. As a traditional and owner-led company, we operate globally but always with firm regional ties. We cooperate and maintain steady partnerships with institutions, authorities and our business associates. We run our company in an economically sustainable manner. Through our economic success and long-term strategies, we ensure the independence of our company today and in the future.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Transparent. Responsible. Resource-conserving.


CSR is anchored in our corporate strategy, procedures and corporate culture.

We embrace our responsibilities in the business world to face current and future ecological and social challenges. This is why our actions focus on responsible business practices that are geared towards long-term and sustainable strategies with the goal of reducing our ecological footprint.

It is our aspiration to create a dynamic and safe working environment for our teams and to build a relationship with our customers and business associates that is characterized by fairness and reliability. This is achieved through the constant improvement of our services as well as the conducting of our business in accordance with the highest international standards. We firmly believe that we create trust through the transparency of our actions – within our own company, with our customers and business associates and with the public at large.

Victoria Clipper with emerging whale in the foreground.

„CSR is not a buzzword which we boldly imitate. CSR is part of our DNA.“ – Ann-Christin Czekay (Head of Corporate Development)


Growth and Innovation

Bold. Flexible. Fast.

Thomas Raake The FRS Halunder Jet offshore.

„To be a part of shaping the future of FRS every day with innovative concepts and ideas – a challenge and a fulfilling task at the same time.“ – Jörg Erdtmann (Director Fleet Management)

Our strength lies in our willingness to question existing structures.

We recognize potential in those markets and business areas that others avoid; we do not shy away from driving our dynamic growth and diversifying our portfolio in places far from the Flensburg Fjord.

We perceive the challenge of the balance between strategic planning and flexible implementation as a continuous incentive and a capability that sets us apart in special way.  

This ability is demonstrated by our employees every day. With their enthusiasm for our goals and willingness to embrace change, we are successfully breaking new ground together.


On the bridge at the HSC Tarifa Jet of FRS Iberia.

Quality and Safety

Exceeding standards. Setting new benchmarks.


„We are proud to be able to safely welcome aboard and say goodbye to each individual passenger; this is a passion we pursue vigorously every single day.“ – Ralf Lange (Director Safety, Security & HSEQ)


Quality and safety are the pillars of our day-to-day activities.

As such, international safety standards are a matter of course for us. We strive to not only meet requirements, but to set new standards. Safety and quality are closely interconnected in our business – just like our qualified staff on land and aboard ship. This collaboration is an essential part of the quality we provide on board our vessels. Our additional safety training sessions take place regularly in collaboration with international authorities and naval units. This guarantees our guests the highest level of safety at all times.



Straightforward. Loyal.


Our leadership culture is characterised by trust, openness, fairness and objectivity.

We lead in a comprehensible and consistent manner. We specify our assignments, skills and responsibilities clearly and put the potential of our staff to good use in the right positions.

Our aim is to provide our employees with career development opportunities within FRS and guide them towards greater personal responsibility.

We quickly entrust our co-workers with responsible tasks and thus enable their personal growth at an early stage. We value, give and expect open and constructive feedback.

Through this honest and direct communication means we avoid misunderstandings and create a fair way of dealing with each other – regardless of existing hierarchies.

We handle mistakes and conflicts open-mindedly and value the learnings that come from them.

The search for the optimal solution is our priority and serves to continuously improve our procedures.

Clipper captain steering.

„By working with leaders I admired and trusted, I felt inspired to take advantage of opportunities and help move the company forward.” – Jason Mihok (Staff Captain)




We value ambitious, committed and loyal employees who we inspire to shape the future of our company in a bold corporate culture.

As such, we benefit from the cultural and social diversity of our teams and appreciate their positive attitude, their receptiveness to new things and their inquisitive nature. These are the basic requirements for our success. Our aim is to create a motivating environment, in which our employees enjoy working and feel appreciated. We attach great importance to diversity and equality in our working environment and reject all forms of discrimination.

Safety crew FRS Iberia at the handshake.
FRS Iberia employee with walkie talkie.

„In working with my international colleagues, I have never missed one thing: mutual support and time for fun – as with my closest friends.” – Anastasiia Kudlaienko (Stewardess)

Female service crew member of the FRS Helgoline.

Edition: 14-01-2020